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Content Management System (CMS)

DIY content and images

Engineered for simplicity, the Update Wizard offers website owners the essentials to maintain their own content and images.

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All the essential tools in one handy package

We can equip you with all the tools you need in a neat, fixed-price package. Uncomplicated and jargon-free!

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Content Management System (CMS)

Our content management system (CMS) was specifically designed for those with no web authoring skills but a keen interest in managing their own website content. It enables you, the website owner, to take ownership of your content updates - anytime, within minutes.

What is the Update Wizard?

The Update Wizard offers a range of options that were traditionally only available to SME websites as static content - ie: managed only by an experienced HTML developer.

It consists of pre-developed modules which cater to a variety of content layouts and types. Whilst the CMS and database structure is standard across all clients, each webpage will be custom built, according to your approved design, for best content delivery.

What's the Difference?

How does the Update Wizard differ from other content management solutions?

There are hundreds of content management solutions on the market today. The Update Wizard was born out of a growing demand for an uncomplicated, user-friendly system requiring no HTML skills.

Most other content management solutions offer an array of intricate options and features but are generally geared to large organisations with a dedicated web team or at least some in-house expertise.

The Update Wizard offers uncomplicated features and essential update tools. No pages to setup or settings to configure - your website project will be handed to you on a plate (along with some training & support), all pre-configured and ready for you to add your magic!

Is the Update Wizard the right solution for you?

For an ongoing, successful website you must take a geniune interest in managing your website content and images - ensure you have the time to keep the content current and fresh.

Whilst there are few pre-requisites to operating the CMS, it is best suited to those with good, general computer skills and competent writing skills. It requires no HTML skills, however a good understanding of the Internet and a general idea about how websites work is a definite bonus.

There is fee associated with the Update Wizard which is incorporated in the annual hosting fee. Rates reflect great value for money for those requiring frequent content updates.

If you plan to update your website less than once every 6 months or have only recently become an Internet user you might shop around for a more suitable solution and seek to engage a developer who will act on your instructions and implement content updates for you. You can expect to pay up to $150 per hour for content updates.

The Update Wizard does not offer e-commerce or shopping cart modules. We are happy to provide contact details for specialists in these areas if you contact us.

Try before you buy

Web Sharp Designs have an online demo available and would be more than happy to provide you with access once we have discussed an appropriate solution for you and your organisation.

Contact us to find out more.

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